Personalized Solutions

NBT Capital Management provides a level of advice and personal service that has made us a trusted partner for many clients throughout the country. Our team of advisors brings extensive experience to every relationship. We believe that the best advice is tailored specifically to your needs, which is why we invest the time to get to know you, your situation and your goals.

Two parents with a baby meeting with an Investment Advisor

We understand that your financial life can be complicated. There are countless moving pieces to consider when planning for your future. That is why we stay focused on one mission.

"Simplify the complex to give you the confidence to act."


Ruth Mahoney

Executive Vice President and CEO NBT Capital Management

Brian Voss

Senior Vice President, Regional Director, CLTC®

John Karadenes

Investment Advisor

Doug Coggins

Senior Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer, CRRP, AIF©, PPC©

Stephanie D. Crooks

Administrative Associate

Michelle Heimes

Administrative Associate


Investment Management Services

Our Investment Advisor fees are generally dictated by the following factors:

  • Volume of Assets Under Management
  • Number of Account Registrations
  • Complexity of the Situation
  • Securities Used to Implement our Investment Solutions
  • Frequency of Client Review Meetings

Although our fees may vary based upon the factors listed above, our typical annual fee structure for investment management is 1% per year based on the dollar volume of assets under management. An account invested solely in Fixed Income Securities may be assessed a lower fee structure.

Consulting Services

Consulting Services are typically unique to every client situation. Our fee structure may be in the form of an hourly rate, a project fee, or an ongoing, flat retainer fee. We work with each client individually to create a fee structure that is fair to both you and the firm

For Individual Investors, we may charge an hourly fee for a brief consultation with a 401(k) plan participant about the selection of his or her investment choices. A one-time project fee might be more applicable for the development of a comprehensive retirement plan projection. An annual retainer fee might be proposed for an ongoing Comprehensive Wealth Management engagement that encompasses many of a client's financial issues.

Ultimately, one of our initial objectives is to identify and document a thorough Investment Management or Consulting Service agenda in order to create a proposed fee structure that works towards a satisfied and productive client / advisor relationship.


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